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Hornby M7 loco with DCC

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I have obtained a Hornby M7 R2733X decoder fitted minus instructions. As the Hornby website is lacking in many details, in having searched thru the forum & unable to locate some information , can anyone indicate the type of decoder ( 2 or 4 digit working) fitted to this model Southern #676. ?

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Assuming this was factory-fitted by Hornby it will be one of theirs. The latest R8249 decoder is NMRA-compliant, and therefore should show an identifier of 48 if you read the manufacturer's value in CV8. But my M7 has the older R8215 decoder that doesn't seem to display an id. Instructions for both decoders are on the Hornby web-site - just search for R8215 or R8249. My M7 works fine with its R8215 as I only use 2-digit addresses.

Here's the R8215 link -

And the R8249 link -
Thanks RFS for that - yes I did notice that ID did not get read & displayed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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