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Heljan's 'OO' DP2 fills another gap, while Bachmann's 'WD' 2-8-0 and '5MT' 4-6-0 entice 'N' gauge modellers - plus the rest of the month's latest products.

Digital Command Control
Following his installation of DCC sound in an 'O' gauge Class 03, Paul Chetter turns his attention to Bachmann's diminutive 'OO' gauge model and finds that size is no obstacle to performance.

Much Murkle
Seen as a cliché by some, the Great Western branch terminus was the epitome of rural railways for many - including Nick Wood, whose 'OO' gauge model captures the spirit of this bygone age.

Paul Hughes drew inspiration from the Teesside-Whitby railway for his 'OO' gauge pastiche of this North Eastern Railway branch in its final years.

Hornby Magazine LIVE!
Hornby Magazine prepares for Hornby Magazine LIVE! in Hartlepool

Bachmann has taken another great stride forward with ready-to-run 'N' gauge. Mike Wild casts his views on what he believes to be the best 'N' gauge steam locomotive ever produced.

The month's latest news from the hobby

Back to Basics
All stations need platforms and, as Mike Wild demonstrates, building them properly is simple providing straightforward rules are followed.

Parker's Guide
Not all kits are made of plastic or metal. Phil Parker builds an intriguing resin wagon in 'O' gauge of an unusual prototype.

Weathering road vehicles
Beautifully weathered railway scenes are often let down by overly pristine road vehicles. Tim
Shackleton shows how to weather cars and other vehicles to reflect real world conditions.

Ballachulish was at the end of a spectacular branch line in the West Highlands of Scotland, and as Evan Green-Hughes recalls, it could provide scope for a fascinating model railway.
Hornby Post
Readers' views on railway modelling.

Reality Check
Despite looking like a 'Deltic', prototype diesel DP2 was in fact the blueprint for English Electric's futuristic Class 50s.

Warrington MRC didn't have to look far to find a fascinating prototype for their latest 'N' gauge layout, and the result is an altogether different take on steam and diesel operation in North West England.

Staff Projects
Preparations continue for Hornby Magazine LIVE!, with some intriguing developments taking place on Bolsover and Seven Lane Pit.

Railway Realism
Exchange sidings were an essential aspect of freight operation in steam days but are seldom modelled.

Show Guide
Hornby Magazine's guide to forthcoming exhibitions and events.


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The problem with photography in mags is, that the camera lenses are totally useless for the job they are trying to do. Closeups need macro lenses and not magnified images oozing in pixels. The other images need a lesson in tilt and shift or the Scheimpflug principle. Not many so called pro photographers will even know what I am talking about. I can pick up loads of poor photography and spelling in all the printed media. It was not long ago that all the mags were composing ads for retailers with "Owen GlenDOUR" not GLENDOWER as spelled, for that loco. Many other great spelling mistakes crop up regularly. In the case of photography, I suggest the purchase of the correct equipment or if that is already obtained, the correct usage of that equipment. Lets face it there is a myriad of lenses available from good makers such as Nikon, Canon etc.

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Quite impressed with the delivery time for this issue. Under Ian Allan I would have to wait more than two weeks for the issue to arrive. I've only had the time for a quick flick through and I must say Trevor Jones' photography is superb... just look at the photo on page 59 and you will know what I mean!! I don't see why Trevor doesn't photograph all the layouts, because you can certainly see the difference between Mike's and Trevor's photography (sorry, Mike...)

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