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Hornby Magazine - Issue #17 is a bigger issue as it says on the cover with over 100 pages of editorial. Amazing how much content is out there. A good indication that the hobby is doing well and that with all the talk of doom and gloom in our financial markets, at least we can take solace in our hobby.

Editorial: Mike Wild discusses duplication of models by manufacturers.

Layout: Thurston. Ely and District MRC '50s layout set in Suffolk.

Update: Pictures of Hornby Maunsell 'Schools and 'Standard Four'. Bachmann 'N' Class 150 prototype.

Modelling the Settle and Carlisle. Anthony New draws three track plans based on this route and shows some old photos.

Class 14 - Workaholics. Pip Dunn looks at these locomotives with photos by Adrian Booth.

To build or not to build. Dave Spencer looks at the merits of kitbuilding wagons at gives his opinion on the main manufacturers and their range of products.

Shaking the box - part 2. Ian Morton moves on with baseboard building.

Breakdown Trains. Evan Green-Hughes looks at the breakdown train and the cranes that were and still are used on the railways. He also looks at available models and gives some tips on setting them up and improving them.

Hornby Post - Letters from readers.

Starting from Scratch. Doug Dickson shows us how to build using card from scratch. Within the article is a double page of Scalescenes Signs and Posterboards in N and OO scale which would be very useful to anyone building some card buildings.

Layout - Wartime. Bentley Model Railway Group shows their WWII fantasy military layout.

Basic Electrics - Diodes. A good starter on how diodes work and some basic application.

Favourite Models - Hornby Dublo 'Castle'

Tailoring DCC. Ian Morton shows how to tweak decoders to make model run more realistically.

Review: Bachmann '4MT'

Reality Check - BR '4MT' 4-6-0 History

Farish N-gauge 'Voyager'
Dapol 'B17'
Dapol 'N' Telescopic hood wagon
Dapol 'N' 'Hymek'
Hornby Fish wagons
Dapol 'OO' spine wagons
Bachmann BDA
Plus: LE Type 2 from Kernow; Oxford Diecast Early '80s Fire Engine, Model Tree Shop trees;Bachmann '2MT'; Modelzone BR Type 2; Oxford Diecast Series 1 Land Rovers.

Layout - Culreoch. 1059 Group 'EM' scale layout set in the '80s Scottish Region.

The Clinic - Answers to reader questions.

Staff projects. Getting Bay Street into a modular format.

Railway Realism - Introducing the DMUs. Allan Earnshaw looks at early BR DMUs and recalls their introduction.

Show guide.

A bumper edition that will give many hours of reading pleasure.

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Good issue. I enjoyed the article on wagon kits. I think the mag is staying true to its original brief of being for folk coming back to the hobby. Now its gently introducing them to kits and encouraging them to be more adventurous , breaking away from RTR, but in a non condescending or preachy way, unlike Model Rail. This is a very good article , telling people which are the best kits for starters out of the various ranges. Well done Hornby Mag!


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Is this a record? Living in the USA I wasn't expecting this issue for another week at least. It was delivered today - Oct 14th

After seeing the problems other not to be named magazines have with their overseas subscribers I think this calls for special mention


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I subscribe to another publication but I like to buy this one over the counter for some reason. Of all the magazines I buy it is the only one of any topic that I read cover to cover. Fantastic. Keep it up. Love the style & format.

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Quite honestly this was one of the best issues that I have bought.
I thought that the layouts featured were great. Culreoch particularly.
Being out of the UK modeling scene for quite sometime I found the article on the various wagon kits most informative.
The article on scratchbuilding low relief buildings was well written and even though I call myself a well seasoned scratchbuilder, it taught me a few things as well.
Superb issue Hornby Mag team keep it up.

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