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Hornby Magazine Yearbook

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Hi all.

After another wasted trip to our "local" WH Smith in town, I am asking the ultimate question...

When is the Yearbook going to be in the shops?

No one in Smiths knew, and it seems that I am unable to order one from them.

Now, I do not want to miss out, but at this rate I will have spent more than the £5.00 voucher in transport fees!


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QUOTE (sarah @ 4 Dec 2008, 02:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Well, here it goes.

I have had a good look through/ read of most of the book now.

Thanks Sarah for this breakdown of the book. As an expat it is not possible to browse a copy on the shelf... or even take advantage of the discount... please take note Ian Allan to remember your faithful subscribers overseas!! So well done for helping me to make up my mind.

Doesn't look like something I will invest in if the majority of the book is revamped from the magazines. However, as many people on this forum have commented on excellent articles found in the magazines over the year... why not have more detailed articles on topics that have proved popular. The essence of this idea is there with previously unseen photos being included... but maybe deadlines meant that the annual was rushed (I totally understand the pressure). As a suggestion, it might be good to plan earlier as you see reactions to articles month by month. In that way the annual will be a 'can't do without it' read.

Still devoted to HM mag... long may it reign!!

Brian in Sunny Phuket
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1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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