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QUOTE (rb277170 @ 24 Nov 2008, 20:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Plenty of them in WH Smiths up in Scotland!

Remember the Hornby Mag has a £5 voucher in inside cover for money off.

However, be warned. I am given to understand that the layout articles are all as have appeared in the magazine. So really this is just a compilation of existing articles. Please correct me if I'm wrong. However I do feel this should be made clearer to prospective purchasers, especially as members of familly may be buying it for Christmas and be unaware of this.

Sorry guys , but at £5.95 the paperback BRM annual is all new and a fair amount of reading!


The layout articles are the top five from the competition. The text has been amended with additional photo's. Compared to BRM you are getting a quality produced annual whereas the BRM year book can be considered an additional issue of the magazine for Christmas. Ian Allan where selling the Hornby annual for £11.99 at Warley.

1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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