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So really this is just a compilation of existing articles. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

My pleasure, the pieces I wrote and at least one other are completely new. A brief look through it at Warley seemed to show the non-layout elements of it are certainly new, and certainly the images of the layouts are not all the same as those in the mags. The Cover of the book clearly stated five favourite layouts as voted for by Hornby magazine readers, its unlikely that those layouts would not have been featured in the magazine. I don't know if the text is the same however, or if they took a different approach as well with the writing.

They also mention in their advertising on the Ian Allan website

'This will be a digest of popular features from the magazine, plus a whole range of new and informative articles covering topics of interest to the broadest range of model railway enthusiasts.'

digest of popular features That'll be the five layouts then.
Digest: Compilation of information, often condensed.

However I do feel this should be made clearer to prospective purchasers, especially as members of familly may be buying it for Christmas and be unaware of this.
What makes you think it isn't? Its crystal clear on the publishers web site, do people want them to turn the pages for them as well?

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To me that makes it "crystal clear" to any prospective purchaser without the need to surf the website.

Well it wasn't so very long ago you were telling everyone on a different forum thats what manufacturers should use the web for, particularly for new releases

To put the statement
"a compilation of articles that have previously appeared in Hornby Magazine"
Wouldn't be a truthfull statement though, because MW asked more than me to write specific pieces for the yearbook.
It's stated in pretty big writing on the front that there's content that has been covered in the magazine, bearing in mind the layouts have appeared, thats why they're the magazine readers five favourites.
From the cover
Five favourite layouts
As voted for by Hornby Magazine readers

The magazine readers are hardly going to vote for five favourite layouts that have appeared in the Railway Modeller.

maybe in smaller print
Surely it should be massive print? otherwise people may miss it ...

I think its clear you've not actually read or thumbed through the book if your comments are factual.

"I am given to understand that the layout articles are all as have appeared in the magazine. So really this is just a compilation of existing articles."

1. The green text is an obvious admission that you havn't actually read or thumbed through the yearbook in question, so you doesn't actually know.

2. Yet in the very next sentence, in the blue text, you're stating as a fact what the content of the yearbook is! Which is in complete contrast to your previous admission of not having even seen the publication!!
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