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Hornby releases InterCity coaches and other items.

THE LATEST PRODUCTS to arrive from Hornby, which include the company's well regarded scale-length Mk. 3 vehicles in 1980s-style InterCity Swallow livery, as well as the first releases of the much anticipated 'King Arthur' steam locomotive, are as follows.

D&E Era Items of interest:
R4294 Mk. 3 First Class (FO) coach - InterCity Swallow No. 11021
R4295 Mk. 3 Standard Class (TSO) coach - InterCity Swallow No. 12143
R4296 Mk. 3 Buffet (RFM) coach - InterCity Swallow No. 10209
R6335 PCA Depressed-centre tanker - Albright & Wilson livery

R2556 NCB Class J94 0-6-0ST steam locomotive Wilmblebury
R2581 BR Class N15 0-6-0 'King Arthur' 30764 Sir Gawain - Early BR (weathered)

Rolling Stock:
R4289 BR Centenary brake coach - W4578W
R4290 BR Centenary composite coach - W6661W
R4292 GWR brake coach - 5121
R6350 20-ton brake van - Railfreight B955156
R6360 WD 20-ton tanker - 339
R6361 BR ore wagon - B386569

[Via Rail Express Modeller]
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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