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Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?
I am looking for spare seating and glazing for the Hornby scale length Mk3 coaches.
I would like the orange moulded 1st class and buffet seats that Hornby use for their GNER and Virgin Mk3 coaches. I will use these to replace the incorrect blue seats in the First Class coaches in my BR blue and grey Mk3 HST coaches.
I will also need blue seats to replace the incorrect white seats in the TGS coach for this set.

I also have a First Great Western HST set. Again Hornby have messed up and painted the windows on the corridor side of the buffet car blue when they should have been left clear. So I will need spare clear glazing to correct this fault.
These models will be super detailed and go on display so I would like to correct the mistakes which Hornby made and make them look as realistic as possible.

If anybody can help me with finding a source for these spares, it would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.
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