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Hornby Model-Auctions to close

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This notice has appeared on the Hornby Model-Auctions website:-

QUOTE Public Notice:
Please note that the Model-auctions website will close on the 1st August 2006.

This site will be re-developed with the new Hornby and Scalextric sites that will be re-launched at a later date.

If you have any queries or concerns please contact us at [email protected]

Happy modelling
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QUOTE I begin litigation proceedings?
Only if you have kids named Gboy or Ggirl ...
They said the same thing about search engines before Google took that segment over.

Oh and tell that to eBay in Korea who are getting their lunch handed to them by an upstart called Gmarket (No relation with Google) after once dominating the market.
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I use eBay to buy and sell items and though I don't care for their laissez faire attitude when it comes to fraudulent activity I still think it's the best way to sell smaller priced items. Just compare their prices to real auction houses if you want to complain about commisions. As far as PayPal, compare their pricing to Western Union or similiar types of operations.

It's popular because it's convenient.
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