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I wonder if google would stop the ebay crap coming up on their searches, after all it would be effectively promoting the competition. There are many small auction sites that have gone the same way as the hornby effort through lack of sellers and buyers so maybe it is time someone with the worldwide reputation of google tried to offer something to compete.
Ebay has got greedy with its fees and you now effectively pay three times for selling things if you use paypal. The idea of making enough through ebay to move up to the lower percentage thresholds for many is a joke.
It has a faceless presence and contact is usually through automated replies( no phone numbers or customer services lines but then again no customers as such) and has a bit of a bad name for scams and fraudulent activity which it somewhat arrogantly insists is none of its business.
I signed up for the hornby site but never found anything worth purchasing and very infrequently looked on after the first few weeks.
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