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Hornby New Products 2006

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The only locos [for the moment] to be fitted with DCC decoders are the ones in the DCC sets and the Pendolino train pack.
Hornby have confirmed that the Pendolino Train Set does not have DCC decoders fitted as standard, but the locomotives are DCC ready. Only the Hornby DCC sets have fitted DCC decoders.

We have updated the 2006 Hornby New Products pages.

Sorry for any confusion.
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Hi Tim, welcome to the forum. Thanks for that clarification.
The picture came from Hornby 'as is'. I can't say if it is right or not.
Links are fine. After negotiating pop-ups and registration, there is a tutorial on using the Märklin electical signal system. German railway signals.

Yes, Hornby should have this on their future products list.
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1 - 6 of 157 Posts
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