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Hornby New Products 2006

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Well, 0001hrs.

Happy new year, and, as it's now 01-01-06, shall I spoil it for you all?

Oh, all right then, I won't!
Some fab new releases- I was on 'ere at midnight watching 'em!

Methinks Devon Belle set is a must- will have to fork out £120 now for an OO Works observation coach! Are both the GBTs this year L/Es of 3000, or are they repeating the Golden Arrow set and Bornemouth Belle where one isn't L/E? (The Caledonian being the LE pack in both cases beforehand)? I'm also glad to see we've finally got some early BR WCs!

I think that the Hornby terraces will sell well when people like me are too lazy to build the cheapo Metcalfe kits!

WCs, BBs and M7s? I'm in heaven, though I am disappointed they didn't tool up an EMU/DMU- how about a 150/317/318/319/320/322? If cost is prohibitive, think of this- practically every region of the UK is served by one of these- if they just tooled up a 150, they'd still make a killing! Still, can't complain!

However, I can complain about something- Hornby can't seem to be able to get Fairey aviation spelt correctly- neither the Hornby CC nor the press release on here (or the Hornby website) can spell Fairey with an 'E'! Still, I'm sure they'll correct it before we see "Fairy Battle" (sic) hit the shelves!

MRF's coverage is much better than Hornby's, since you don't patronise modellers (Hornby states, under wagons, that "for modellers of the current scene [there] will be a Railfreight International RBX Ferry Van and a Network SouthEast liveried 20t Brake Van."- since when was NSE current?)
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QUOTE (Garry D100 @ 1 Jan 2006, 13:20)What a great line up from Hornby, even though I am not a southern fan.

I am looking forward to buying the old Lima 101's, and 121's.
I bet those who paid 3 figure sums for these on Ebay are really enjoying their investment!! We should not laugh though......then again...


And to think I almost bought an NSE 121 on eBay the other day!

Well, all we Southern fans now need is a Cl. 319 from Bratchell models, 455 from same and DCK's 4 CIG and we'll be whoop-de-do!

I think I might set a layout in the Devonport area of Plymouth now, just to include an M7, an RN vessel and the Devon Belle (how am ah gonna do that, ah say how am ah gonna do that?)!
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According to SeMG (that's how we SeMGers write it), Hornby have been contacted, and I believe Simon Kohler wrote back to say that yes, they would be corecting the WCs/BBs.

Now, how about a Cl. 318-322/456/150/150 track recorder? That's hundreds of units, and they needn't be absolutely detailed- if Hornby look at issue two of Modern Railway Modelling, or the Bratchell website (, they'll see that flush glazing, a superb paint finish, and a few class specific details (e.g. jumper cables on 456, no yaw dampers on 150/456 bogies (Networker sideframes could be used- that's what MRM used?)) can make what is regarded as possibly one of the easiest bunches of EMUs to produce!

Sorry, but it needs to be said- think of all those mail order train sets Hornby could make using these (NW starter- £60, including cl. 150, or South London twin, containing EWS 09, two MHA wagons, and 456024 in Connex SC livery... mmm... nice!)!


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