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Hornby New Products 2006

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Hornby website now says service unavailable when i refresh
And they just had to get the hornby HST power car in didn't they!
Pity hornby haven't seen fit to model any super detail SR coaches to go with all those loco's. Still I see they have taken on board a lot of well documented requests about what to model. I notice the live steam releases are very thin on the ground was this just an expensive fad?
Go over to the news section on here for the latest releases as promised chaps.
Shouldn't the "hornby" HST power car be in a set with a cotswold railway liveried one?
They've gone toall the trouble of doing the pendolino with a dummy pantograph i see. Doesn't say if it can be raised or not.
Some prices would've been useful, though possibly too much for the old ticker on new years eve on top of the artillery barrage outside.
Presumably the new releases are going to run alongside last years models of the A3 and 4. I notice they seem to release 4 different versions at once on new steam models and 3 on diesel.
Hornby still aren't playing out tonight, time to call it a night i think.
mmm decoders for under a tenner... nice. The lima stuff is about the same price as hornby's own older models such as the class 47's and 155's.
I have to admit to wondering how many of the old king arthurs hornby managed to sell in the somewhat limited time it was made (3 years) and why only 1 model was made? or the old M7 which was only made in a handful of varieties over 20 odd years.
People have obviously requested them in sufficient numbers to warrant taking the risk on them. After all they have done a Q1 which is very limited in livery options, prototypes and is also very area specific.
They were obviously paying attention when i said could they please do City of Wells (which is nice).
Now if the guys at Bachmann are reading can I have 25059 and 20031 as well please.
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I've noticed a couple of the ebay sharks cashing in on the short supply of hornby class 60's with buy it now prices of £100. Also seen a great western *** packet liveried mk3 coach with a buy it now price of £300, mental innit? Perhaps something else for hornby to consider for the future that and GNER hst's
QUOTE (Gary @ 8 Jan 2006, 10:45)I have a sneeky feeling that Hornby may have plans for the chassis of the new M7.


They've hardly made use of the 0-6-0 chassis they developed for the Q1 thus far have they.
I suppose there aren't too many chassis which lend theirselves to being used on more than one loco type if you want it to be truly accurate. I suppose i should have commented that after releasing the Q1 hornby failed to follow up with other more common or widespread 0-6-0 prototypes.
you mean like the 906 class 37's that were made for BR :lmfao:Took about 3 years before anyone told them and the model press.
QUOTE where are the A4's? i was looking forward to getting a grey one. i wanted to get one last year but i didnt like 2 of the liveries and i already have 4 mallards! and the 2 rail double tender scotsman(does anyone know weather it is a new moulding for the double tender or if it is the old one on a new chassis?)
The only way anyone is going to get a grey A4 is through special edition i suspect(as usual) overpriced and sold out in days. Isn't the double tender flying scotsman a live steam set?
I wonder if next years special will have the blue and grey tender then. Quite an interesting if somewhat technical review of the flying scotsman in this months British Railway Modelling magazine all about Alan Peglar and the bits of other locos he salvaged for spares for scotsman and the subtle differences between it and 60077 incorporated by hornby into the model making it unique. I see a few of you would like to see Scotsman in BR livery making it right for the smoke deflectors, didn't Pete Waterman get death threats for actually painting it into BR green?
I wonder if it might be time for another NRM appeal to fund the return to steam of Mallard, after all the purchase of Flying Scotsman was greatly helped by public donations notwithstanding the large amount contributed by a certain entrepreneur. Wonder how an A4 might look in Pendolino colours?
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It was just one of those mad ideas. I've just checked out OU train sim's website to see if anyone else has had the same idea, apparently not though there is a hst power car in the newer colour scheme which didn't look half bad. The A4 certainly has the right lines for the scheme and i remember at the time Scotsman was rescued they interviewed Branson on Look North and tongue in cheek asked him about reliverying that.

Speaking of the sacreligious mr Waterman i've got a copy of the original issue of Traction magazine dating from 1995 or so and the furore in that issue was his plans to paint his newly acquired diesel fleet in black, this of course prior to loadhaul and fragonset doing exactly that. how things change eh?
Has anyone actually managed to get hold of a class 60 yet? I've never seen a loco with a terracotta chimney before!!

Slightly weathered with rust is one thing but a plant pot?

Sorry when i get one( could've got one before Christmas but got a Northumbrian set instead) that exhaust has gotta be toned down. Funny no one seems to have picked up on it in the reviews.

I guess that the bods at traction must've forgotten about the early LMS diesels. I liked the 87 that was repainted into LNWR colours last year, really looked smart.
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