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Hornby New Products 2006

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Help I can't find the new bits on the Hornby web site I've seen no button to link to the 2006 programme and I've nothing new in the news section where are the new items
Better coverage here than at Hornby, Well done.

Tho I doubt it I have to ask, any news on the tenders being made for the Arthurs if I remember right there were at least 3 different types for these locos, a 6 wheeled, a rigid 8 wheeler and a bogie 8 wheeler. Well chuffed that the Arthur's making a return and to top that they're doing the one I want, Excalibur, just hope she's in malachite so as not to upset the plan for my livery diversity to much. Now if we can just get some nice stock to hang off the back of them.
Norm, you could check out the railuk website at and look the KAs up on the steam loco section I have found this site very useful in the past but at the moment when I open the steam page the text is way oversized and I can't search the database but I don't know if it's the site or my computer.
Not only were these locos painted into LNWR and NSE liveries but they were done with Railmatch paints, the same that I use to repaint some of my locos. The LNWR loco paint job inspired me to paint my old Hornby class 29 which was going to by painted BR green in into a similar lined black scheme. she now makes an interesting change from the rest of my diesel fleet.
The lack of other railway representation in live steam may be more down to the size and shape of the tenders this is where the live steam locos have their "kettles" 'cause with Hornby having done the A1/A3 we know they can do the bits that are actually in the loco bodies.
1 - 5 of 157 Posts
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