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2 things i have noticed on my solitary pullman are
1. the coupling is lower by a couple of mm than everything i have so far tried to couple it to.
2. When the bogie is straight the coupling isn't always guaranteed to be bang in the middle of the buffers causing the carriage and usually the one next to it to derail.
As has been said already the couplings are generally blamed for derailments and i wonder if its possible to fit newer ones from the gresleys instead. Perhaps hornby should address this problem if they haven't already.

I have also noticed that older locos with full width couplings don't like running with slimline coupled stock attached and vice versa. The simplest way i've found to solve this is to remove the hook from the full width coupling and let the slimline one slide along it. This worked on my hornby class 50 which was an absolute nightmare and i contemplated sending it back as unfit for the purpose it was designed for.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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