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QUOTE Interesting to see that new releases announced 1 January on Stops any one publication spoiling, I guess.

Thats a shame. Hoped they'd learned their lesson and would release on 24/12/08. This would prevent the Hornby Forum being taken "off air" just when little Johny wants to find out about his trainset that Santa delivered. Someones' bound to leak the releases , and REX is usually published around 29th , so the Modern Image stuff is out before then.

Why not announce it when they have their open day in Dec. These days we don't need to wait for Model Rail to regurgitate the press release. With the internet information should be instantaneous, and those who don't have it can catch up in the model railway press.

Looking forward to Dougs usual excellent coverage- I think alone last year he had more information about the products eg new corridor connections on Staniers etc- everyone else failed to mention this. Do you get an invite Doug?

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