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QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 21 Oct 2007, 12:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>There seems to be a dominance of BR green on the A3 front at the moment.

But we've only had one with smoke deflectors, which now fetches a premium as a result. I'd like a double chimney one with "elephant ears" and a GN tender 60107 would be nice but I'm not that bothered because I've got Royal Lancer name plates ready to be fitted to the right donor.

QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 21 Oct 2007, 12:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>We havent had a streamlined coronation in a while.......
Would be a good model for their NRM edition next year with '229 being re-clad

However Hornby have tended to make the NRM model their latest offering, if thats the case next year could be the T9, another Southern loco. So maybe it's time for a Great Western, or even a first Diesel

Any thoughts guys?
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