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Hornby Nickel Silver Track

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I was wondering if any one could remember the year in which Hornby nickel silver track was introduced... and possibly which catalogue it was announced in.

Many thanks :)

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QUOTE (rb277170 @ 23 Jan 2007, 14:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>1974 I think


I was going to say between '73 and '75 somewhere, so I guess i basically agree with Russell.


Thanks for the replies.

That surprised me...

Is that nickel silver track in general (peco etc) or Hornby Nickel Silver Track?

I have the Hornby 1991 and 1990 catalogues which are still showing steel track in all their products. My first train set from ~1988 had steel track.

I'm particularly interested in Hornby's introduction of this track. It's a bit of a strange reason but here goes.

As a child, I had a Hornby catalogue which announced the introduction of this track and I remember this distinctly - one of the only things I remember about it. Just not the date but I know its late 80s/early 90s and i'm trying to track a copy down.

Can anyone shed any light on this mystery...

Thanks again...

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It was certainly pre 1988, however what you saw MIGHT have been when they were having their track produced by a certain Austrian company called Roco. Steel track was produced long after Nickel silver became available.

Just to confuse the issue!!


That explains some things...

Any idea what date the Austrian Track was introduced?

Sorry to nag but it's just a vague memory that I have to help track down the catalogue!

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Information from Pat Hammond's "Hornby Railways - the story of Rovex Volume 3 1972-1996":
In 1973 N/S track was sold under the 'Silver Seal' brand but dropped in 1975.
It had a patchy history until N/S replaced steel in most track items in 1994.

Track was made by Roco in Austria from the 1970s onwards, some items being made in Margate until 1977.
Manufacture was shifted to China in the 1990s.
John Webb
Thanks John and everyone who had helped with this.

Very useful and informative info

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Very informative reply their John,

Now I can also track down the relevant catalogues from the library.


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