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Hornby Pendolino Coaches

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I notice Hattons are advertising(in stock) 3 of the Pendolino intermediate coaches. I was under the impression they would be out very much later than this so full marks to Hornby.

The question I have is how is the 1st class open with working pantograph going to fit in. Is it motorised ? on the basis of the price I think not . So how does it therefore connect to the motor - if it does. If not what is the point of advertising it with a working pantograph.

Thats apart from the fact that we don't have a decent British outline overhead system and also the Pendolino has been targeting the DCC market for which most people suggest that overhead is a non starter.
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QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 5 Jun 2007, 21:36) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>working pantograph in this case i think refers to ig going up and down rather than electrically live.

I am very sceptical about this working pantograph. the real thing is such a complicated and sophisticated item i cant believe they are going to do anoything other than a basic representation.

It can't be a working pantograph in the sense that European locos have working pantographs. Like Peter says, they probably mean that it moves rather than being one blob of moulded plastic.

If you are going to buy extra coaches it would be well worth doing an assessment of how many it can pull. I am reluctant to buy any until I get get the thing working properly. I have pulled the Hornby decoder and replaced it with a Lenz Gold. When it moves now it moves smoothly and looses the bag of spanners grumble. However there is still poor power pick up to be rectified. Once I get it to work normally, I will see how many coaches can be added to it.
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QUOTE (dwb @ 8 Jun 2007, 04:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Someone recently made the suggestion that the plastic blob allowed Hornby to keep the suitable for under 14 rating. Does anybody buy that argument?

A bit of both. Hornby aims at the lowest common denominator so if it add swathes of under 14's by doing this, then it seems probable it will. On the other hand those profits aren't coming from nowhere. The shareholders need their dividends.
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