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Hornby Pendolino derailing

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We got my son a Virgin Pendolino set for Christmas. It's all wonderful except for one thing - it appears that the rear bogie of the power car keeps derailing. It usually happens on points, sometimes (depending on direction) at low speed, even a crawl. I've been experimenting this morning with inclines for a future layout, and it also would go on the uphill round a 2nd radius bend (not sure of precise angle, but I'd guestimate 2 degrees, and it would happen at a constant angle as opposed to a change in elevation at either end). On several occasions it would derail on a simple (if relatively abrupt) stop! No other wheel assemblies seem to cause a problem, just this one.

Fiddling with it, the rear bogie just seems less free than any of the other wheel assemblies, including the front of the power car. Might I have a defective unit? Or is there an adjustment that can be made? Obviously I'm not too keen on replacing the entire set if there is just one bogie issue, but what is the procedure for this sort of thing?
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I had a similar problem with HST Mk3s earlier today in fact - half an 8 coach rake left the track after derailing on a track join where I'd not put it back together properly (temporary track arrangement, not tacked down). At higher speeds little imperfections have more dramatic consequences... There was a pronounced 'click' as each coach passed over the join, and after a couple of loops at high speed, a coach in the middle of the train bounced, and that resulted in all the trailing coaches derailing too.

Another derailment problem with the same rake was caused by the hook-couplers between the end coach and power car getting tangled when going round bends. Happened to any coach in that last-but-one position in the train. The only solution was to take a hook off the coach and leave the one on the power car. Probably not much help with the Pendolino as it's a different coupling mechanism isn't it?

Just a thought if the problem reoccurs, see if it happens if you run the train in reverse. To be fair to the rear power car you'd have to turn the whole train around.
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