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Hi Y'all,

This fixed rear pony truck on Pacifics has indeed been chewed over, but I am surprised that Hornby haven't paid any attention to the comments. I had a BoB and a Brit modified to more like prototype design, the Brit being particularly successful. I have discussed the Duchess with my Local model shop, and the same mods can be carried out making it more flexible for 24" - 30" radii., whilst retaining the cartazzi arrangement and appearance. I asked whether or not the fixed wheel arrangement could be altered on the A1, to which the response was yes. So I am sending 77 in for the same job.

It beats me how it can be thought to be acceptable to have a cab swinging wildly out of gauge, and call it ok, just because it looks good. A close look at a real Brit shows that the model design is one step too far.

Rant over, everything H****y does is perfect, 'scuse the cynicism, for I am told that if it looks right then it is right.


1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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