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hiya group,

I've been given a lovely hornby pullman coach - named 'leona' Hornbys current catalogue still carries it as a R4162A although mine maybe different as its quite a few years old.

Unfortunately its lost the coupling bit to attach to othe coaches. It has an unusual bogey/coupling set up as when the bogeys turns left or right it pushes a rod (with a screw) in it - in or out. I guess that the coupling hook/connector would be secured by the screw onto this rod. If it helps the bogey has 2 numbers on it L9288 and L9285
If anyone knows where I can buy the coupling mechanism/hook which would fit to this movable rod I would be grateful - or a part number would be great. I'm after 2 of them.

hoping to hear from you


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Contact Hornby Customer Support. They were supplying as free of charge replacements for the old style mounting you have, the current NEM pocket equipped mounting. Just say you have bought the Coach R4162, and were disappointed it didn't have the NEM coupling pockets fitted.

The 'unusual extending rod that pushes in and out' us a close coupling mechanism BTW, something that is increasingly being fitted.
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