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Hornby Q1 lubricator lever keeps coming off

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Hello all. My son recently bought a Q1 off eBay but the lubricator lever at the front keeps popping off. Is there any way to secure it on to the pin that sticks out? Or am I missing something with how to attach it?

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thanks in advance for any tips for this novice!
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Simplest method is to replace the pin with one with a larger head. You probably have to raid the sewing basket for this, assuming there is such a piece of kit about the household. Best not to tell the owner of the sewing basket...
One of mine sheared the pin off altogether. I drilled out a #76 hole in the lubricator body, and inserted an "L" shaped piece of brass handrail wire (superglued into place). It has never come adrift since! Not quite as elegant as the round pin, but it works and doesn't really notice at all from viewing distances.

The alternative course of action could be to remove the lubricator linkage altogether and renumber the loco to one of those that didn't have the mechanical lubricator.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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