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Hornby Q1?

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I've got Hornby Q1 33017 and I was thinking of adding 33002 to my roster, however I notice on the picture shown on Hattons website that this loco hasn't got the mechanical lubricator linkage. Before I buy can anyone tell me if this is correct, I can't find a photo of this loco but it appears that all the Q1's had this linkage in the mid '50's

I hope it's right as the weathering on 33002 looks superb, I've still got 33017 to do

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Page 26 of the Story of the Q1s by John Morgan has a pictire of 33002 at Norwood on 12 September 1952 clearly without the lubricator mechanism. I have just purchased 33023 which again correctly has no outside lubricator in 1959-1960, the period I model. Morgan writes "mechanical lubricators ... were fitted from August 1942 commencing with C 29 (later 30029). 15 of the earlier 28 engines were subsequently retrofitted, hence something like 14 engines remained without lubricator mechanisms throughout their working life. I presume Hornby have got it right for 33002 and 33023.

Hope this helps.
Thanks "Wizard" looks like I'll be ordering 33002 tomorrow

By the way welcome to the forum

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Nice choice, the Q1 I got the Southern C21 and the detailing is great, (Just watch out for cab doors and Ladders

I see you are from Shropshire too!

I live in small village 8 miles from Shrewsbury, called Minsterley
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Ahhh! S & M country!

60134 (a Col. Stephens fan)
Yes indeed, The Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Railway. See Colonel Stephens Museum at Col. Stephens

It is a well known principle that the longer and more verbose the name of the railway, the less important it is.

Dont forget the Snailbeach Dristict railways
There are even plans to Preserve that in 12 inch guage
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Really? I love the whole area for it's eccentric railways, the S & M, the Snailbeach and the Bishop's Castle line. When time and funds permit I will get around to completeing my "what if?" line that supposes the Colonel bought the BCR (even HE was too sensible to burn his ingers with that one) and extended it to meet the SDR at Pennerley...... sigh..

This thread is going completely off-topic but I was brought up in Minsterley and, showing my age, can remember the daily goods train in the early 1960s.
Having returned to modelling in the last year, my layout is loosely based on the branch and the original intention was to include the SDR exchange sidings outside Pontesbury but I don't have enough room unfortunately.
It so happens that I also model O-16.5 and have been amassing stock for a model of the SDR as it might have been if the extensions to Pennerley had been built. As Col. Stephens seemed to like unusual motive power I've taken a bit of modellers licence and got a Bachmann Shay
(I bet he would have got one)

I spend a fair bit of time over at Snailbeach, definately worth a visit if your into narrow gauge and old mines...incidently the mine is open to the public for underground visits once a year in September (my daughter loves it).

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Great minds think alike! I think the Cornish engine houses up there are one of the best features of the landscape. I try to get up there a few times a year for a mooch about or a ride around the lanes.

QUOTE (salop89a @ 7 Aug 2006, 18:58) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I was brought up in Minsterley ... my layout is loosely based on the branch and the original intention was to include the SDR exchange sidings outside Pontesbury but I don't have enough room unfortunately.

I live in Minsterley!
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