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Hornby Quicksilver or Model Market Silver King

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Hi guys, I'm after a silver jubilee train and am drawn to the Hornby R2445 Quicksilver train pack which was a ltd ed of 2000. I discovered that model market had purchased 50 of these, 25 were converted to Silver Link's and another 25 to Silver Kings, however these are £35 more expensive. I like the idea of the exclusivity of the Silver King but is the £35 worth it? Also which would hold it's value better (or even increase!), the original hornby version or the rarer silver king? Please bear in mind they will be run though I tend to keep my locos well maintained and in mint condition.
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Bu running you automatically reduce its value.

Colecting price is determined by
It condition
how well it sold originally
how many were produced
its original packaging condition
How many people want it now.

If you are investing in train to make a profit in the future then they should be packed away and left, however if you want to run them and maybe sell them in the future, buy the one you like most.
QUOTE (john woodall @ 24 Jan 2009, 20:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Bu running you automatically reduce its value.

To some collectors even taking it out of the box has the same effect !
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