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Hornby R2417 help please

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Good evening all.

Does anyone know where i can buy some transfers for the hornby R2417 green 08 please ?

What i need is the BR emblems and the small white writing that is over parts of the body work.

The link above was the only good close up i could get of it.

Would fox transfers help or hornby themseleves do you think please ?

Thanks all
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Don't think Hornby will be any good - all their detail is, I believe, printed on. (Tampo printing I think it's called?) Much faster in production than sticking on transfers.
So Fox or one of the other transfer makers is a more certain source, I think.

John Webb
forget hornby.

Check out fox, you will fnd evrything you need. finding what you want on their website can be pretty nausiating.

Try giving them a call.

Thank you for both John and Peter for that info and help.

I have emailed fox and i am just awaiting a reply from them.

I had a feeling i might not get any joy from hornby but i thought i would ask anyway in case someone had a similar problem as i am experiencing.

Namely, dont have cellulose thinners all over your 'pinkys' then handle your loco !!!!

(thought it had evaporated but thought, thought wrong)

I know one thing, i wont be daft and do it again !

Thanks again guys

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