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Hornby R2419 Class 09 Dick Hardy review

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This new loco from Hornby sets a very high standard:-

Hornby Class 09 "Dick Hardy" Review

It is very difficult to see how Hornby could top this and in terms of the value that Hornby are offering with this new model they must now be the number one manufacturer in Europe.

If any of you have purchased one of the new Class 08/09 locos then you are invited to share your thoughts as the review seems too good to be true!

Happy modelling
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I'd have to agree, on all counts!

Again, this illustrates the quandary between a manufacturer trying to satisfy the demand for fine detail, balanced against the sturdy utilitarian lumps rquired for clumsy kids! I much prefer this beautifully detailed model myself. It's not something that I would normally have been attracted to in the least, but the attention to detail and the reportedly fine low speed running qualities have made me prick up my ears alarmingly.

Just a couple of practical suggestions for reviews. It would be very useful to include two other factors, particularly where direct comparisons are made.

1. The manufacturer's recommended retail price (B'mann £49.95. Hornby £54.99)
2. The date of the review (to match the RRP)

I feel both of those must be very very high on a potential customer's knowledge requirements. RRP is the only way to fairly compare value for money - discounts can be chased after by customers later.

Other than that, a most informative review, well done!
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This is a very 'overlap' type post, largely triggered by this review but also very strongly related to my consideration of buying a Northumbrian Train Pack or similar in the next few days or so and ALSO to the information available on manufacturers' websites and catalogues! It's nice when things fall together like this.

I assume (perhaps falsely and if so please put me straight) that the motor in 'Dick Hardy' is the same motor that is used in most of Hornby's current locos. It's hard if not impossible for me to know that with any certainty and hence the overlap with needing relevant info available on websites and in catalogues so that a buyer CAN be sure which loco has exactly which motor. If the motor IS the same, then it's fair to assume that Dick's improved smoothness and slow running is probably due entirely to the addition of the flywheel. To someone who has never experienced a good flywheel loco before, the improvement would naturally come as something of a revelation!

But to get things into perspective, flywheel locos have been around for many years - I have a Roco V160 Bo-Bo that performs absolutely impeccably and it it's more than 20 years old. So, the review statement
QUOTE "This sort of performance has simply not been seen before in a British outline locomotive and probably has never been seen before in any model locomotive worldwide!needs to be taken with a teeny pinch of salt. It could well be so in UK, but "worldwide" is definitely stretching things!

Putting that to one side, the first important question that leaps into my enquiring mind is this,
"Is this Hornby's only flywheel loco?"
The second is,
"When flywheels make such an obvious, known improvement, is it reasonable to expect other locos in their range to eventually become flywheel enhanced in the same way?"

In other words, because it seems such a logical and very likely step to take, perhaps I would be wise to wait until that happens. In the throes of excitement at the thought of owning an A4 and those gorgeous coaches, I probably won't be able to hold myself back anyway!
But it's a niggling thought that won't quite go away . . .
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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