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Hornby R406 2-aspect signals.

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Does anyone have an address or contact to purchase replacement LES bulb in red and green for the Hornby R406 12v 2-aspect 00 signals?
I have tried to paint clear glass LES bulbs, but they are horrendous when lit on the layout - to make a next accepted paint job,
would be to use a red and green lacquer, where can you obtain the correct coloured lacquer in small quantity?
Anyone wishing to give me information or advice, will be most appreciated.
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You might try the following suggestions:
1) Go to the Hornby website and post a topic on the chat pages asking for advice on getting spare bulbs - but Hornby often don't seem to read their own pages for several days, so you may have to wait a week before a reply gets posted.
2) For painting bulbs try a craft supplies shop or artists' materials shop - they may have the lacquer available (possibly the stuff that's used for making home-made 'stained glass' pictures?).
3) Convert your signal(s) to LEDs or 'Grain of Wheat' or possibly 'Grain of Rice' bulbs - will need a bit of soldering. I tried this using 1.8mm LEDs from RS Components, with a small piece of 'Veroboard' cut to shape to replace the back of the signal and onto which the LEDs were mounted. The LED resistors went in the base of the signal with little problem. This gives long life with realistic colours - indeed the LEDs don't stick out of the front as the bulbs do, so the signal looks better than it did.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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