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Hi all

I would have stuck with Hornby decoders but 3 things happened. They kept burning out. When I returned them to Hornby I was told operator error and I became aware there was other options out there. I will accept operator error for maybe 2 or even 3 but to tell me I have installed all of them wrong 5 in total. I think not.

My point once bitten twice shy, simple as that. I now run TCS, Loksound and 2 Bachmann decoders and between these 2 main brands I have now 19 locos and 1 failure in 7 months since I made the switch.

Im glad to see Hornby are getting it together with the new decoders but will they in the future offer a "goof proof" warranty like TCS.

I may try one in the future, and I would like to see Hornby do a good job here as most will buy because it is Hornby, we shall see......

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