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Rechipped two of my Hornby steam locos with the improved R8215 4 function Hornby decoders. They now run as they should and control is very smooth and sweet unlike the previous version of this decoder in the same loco`s which ran very erratic and did strange things.

The improved decoder is in a different style bubble pack with Hornby International Branding for Lima/Jouef/ Riverossi & Electrotren along the bottom. If you look into the bubble pack you will see a red dot on the largest chip.

I am very keen on this type of decoder because I like its very small size and it fits into the boiler of my King Arthur Locos plus the price is very cheap.

If its reliability holds up it will enable me to use it on mass for my large loco fleet instead of the Bachmann 36-553 3 function decoder which although is very reliable is rather large and difficult to fit into steam loco`s making it mainly suitable for mass installation on my Diesel loco fleet..
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