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QUOTE (maybe to keep people tied to their equipment) with the gimmicky "fuel & water" feature. IMHO it really is a gimick, but it will almost certainly sell.

NMRA Recommended Practice RP 9.2.2 designates CVs 894 and 895 as Fuel/Coal and water respectively so the fuel & water feature is not a Hornby invention.

Whilst it might be a "gimmick" to us, to a youngster raised on consoles, the idea that you can buy a refueling point that your engines must visit if they are to keep going must add a lot of "play value".

I'm guessing that for a fully automatic solution, a RailCom detector is installed in the fueling point to read the locomotive ID. This then communicates some message like "seen loco ID x" back to the command station which then reprograms the fuel CVs to maximum.

For a manual version there's a menu option in the command station for "Refueling" which then tops up the CVs.

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