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Once again, I read this forum and find everyone bashing Hornby. What is it with all you people? I have the Hornby R8215 accessory decoders and it sends the point motor firing like a rocket. I have it connected to the track in a tunnel using the Hornby track connector; ie on the DCC bus. The R8247 decoder operates the colour lights no worries.
I always find it amazing that when a person asks for advice on this forum realting to Hornby, they are told to move it on. I have no doubts that there are superior systems. I am not going to argue that Hornby is the best (although for my needs personnally, it is). But I will argue when people say Hornby DCC does not work, or work properly, and in general the flavour towards Hornby is negative. How many of you that offer these negative comments actually have an Elite and various Hornby components? Hmm, I thought so.
For the record, I have an Elite, 3 Selects, 60 decoders of all different types including Hornby, Bachmann, Lok Ecos, and the superb TCS decoders. I will also say the Hornby decoders are silent, and drive the newer Hornby diesel locos superbly. Bachmann 3 functions drive the Bachmanns very well, except fot the 2 function 1 amp versions which are noisy. But the TCS decoders drive anything, including old ringfield motors superbly.
For all those people who use this site as an info source, remember to ask the respondents whether their critiques refer to ownership experience.
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