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I've used the Lenz LS150 with it's own power supply and that wasn't as good as the SMD82 that runs off the DCC bus!!
The LS150 has NOT got a built in CDU so you need a 16v ac 3amp power supply to power it, this is the maximum supply that can be used!
It still struggles to move the point though, you really need to connect the MASTERswitch V2 to the outputs which will allow you to have a bigger current go to the point motor.

I have been using Lenz Ls150's since they appeared on the market operating common old Peco point motors. At first powering them with separate 16vac 4amp power. There was a problem of point motors not firing occasionally
I connected a 18vac 4amp separate power supply and have had very little problems since. In fact operating two(yes 2) peco points in tandem (crossover) is no problem.
My LS150's have been operating with18vac for over 5yrs and none have failed yet.

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