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Hornby R867 Pacer -- Twin motors how to convert to DCC

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I have been offered a Hornby Class 142 Pacer -- Cat No R867 -- which is one of the earliest Pacers they made many years which has 2 motors, one in each car (the more recent ones from Hornby only have one motor). I think the motors are connected to run in sync.

Is it possible to convert this 2 motor model to DCC and what needs to be done

Would it need 2 decoders or can it be done with one

Any help appreciated
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I have had the same dilemma when thinking about converting a Garratt to DCC (see sig image below). The best solution it seems is to find one decoder that can handle the combined current from both motors. If you used two decoders, you can run them as a consist. But if the consist is ever broken you may have unexpected results. I've had consists that go wrong and I've had to reset the decoders - all a bit of a pain.
Hi Phil

Have a look back to the 12 January under DCC in a Hornby 142 (link).
Hope it helps
regards Neil
I'd be inclined to buy two (cheapish) decoders and fit one in each end and then programme them both to the same address and CVs. In other words a permanent consist.
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