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Hornby releases production schedule for Rivarossi

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Hornby International, who acquired the Rivarossi line of model trains as part of the Lima acquisition in 2004, has announced its proposed production schedule for 2006.

Hornby plans to re-release the following Rivarossi products based on North American prototypes:

- 40-foot log cars in nine road names
- 60-foot heavyweight passenger car four-packs
- Alaska RR coaches and dome cars
- Alaska RR passenger car four-packs (baggage car, coach, diner, and dome car)
- Chesapeake & Ohio 2-6-6-6 Alleghenies
- New York Central rebuilt 4-6-4 Hudsons
- Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boys

Hornby will also be releasing an assortment of Rivarossi products based on European prototypes.

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It will be interesting how these new/old product fare against the likes of Marklin and Trix not to mention the various American manufacturers.
One area I won't be 'modelling' myself is HO North American prototypes.
Sadly, I just can't have them all!
Yet it still gives me a great deal of pleasure to see these lovely Rivarossi models coming back onto the market again.

I can remember seeing large adverts for them in 'Railway Modeller' ever since the 1960s. Even though I knew I would never possess one myself, I could still enjoy their pictured presence on the printed page - and dream. Now they are back and the dreams can continue without fading. The nice thing about dreams is they don't cost a penny and are sometimes better than the real thing. I like to keep my dreams and I like to keep the Rivarossi name in them. Now I can.
A nice smile of simple pleasure is needed here.
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A little later on - I did some more excavations among my older paraphernalia and managed to find a near 25-year old copy of 'The Continental Modeller' - the March/April edition of 1981 which just happened to contain their sixteen page illustrated report on the Nurnberg Toy Fair for that season.

Also present is a full page advert for Rivarossi products and there are a few items of nostalgia value that readers might find interesting.

The 4-8-8-4 Big Boy, pictured above, was priced at £69.70 by 'Just Continental' of Sutton Coldfield. This appears to have been a mail-order only business and, though very well known at the time, probably no longer exists, though someone else might know better. Big Boy was probably quite well discounted as The Nurnberg Report announced that a 'new improved' version was to be introduced that year.

Also interesting to see the impressively large range that Rivarossi then produced, which included O Gauge and 'British HO/OO' as well as the much larger and better known range of HO American And European models, a small group of high quality BRASS HO locos, plus a very reasonable range of N Gauge models, both North American and European. I have some of their N gauge product and might manage a photo or two in time. It wasn't quite in the same class as the better known German models of the day, but was still pretty decent, had one or two locos that no one else provided and was considerably cheaper!
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still no propper prices though. only educated guesses.

As a guide, all the announced items can be found on the Ontracks website with prices listed (mostly below Hornby's RRP). The remaining bankrupt stock at Lima is also listed.

At Ontracks, For the log cars, it says: " Nov 05 Set 2 pcs. Log Car NP". Does that mean 2 cog cars or is it a 2 piece log car? That is going for £35.83

The Alaska RR coaches, dome car and passenger cars are not yet listed. Nor are the 60-foot heavyweight passenger coaches.

The Big Boy 4-8-8-4 is £225.00

The Allegheny 2-6-6-6 is £345.84

The Hudson 4-6-4 Rebuilt is £166.66
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I was browsing through an old Rivarossi catalogue last night (1980 I think?) and was amazed. Their range at that time was even larger than the Hornby range of 2005!

And the catalogue was bigger than the 2005 Hornby catalogue.

And they did a large range of O gauge and N gauge.

This was all a bit of an eye opener in fact!

Happy modelling
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Sitting here at my screen I can see my 4-8-8-4 Big Boy loco on display. Before you eat your hearts out let me add that is is merely a plastic kit model and a right pig it was to build. If I ever get round to building a modern US layout it could form part of a preservation yard.

I would like the 'all bells and whistles' job at some £500 plus but it would look silly on my current layout, anyway it is doubtful whether it could negotiate the set track curves. I have a cunning plan for the loft however.

Big set back financially, the washing machine went belly up two days ago, had to buy a new one, I can't even afford a cheap wagon right now, merry Christmas modellers.
I don't need sympathy, just your cheques in the post

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Just relax into your recliner and watch Model Railway TV featuring 100's of big American locomotives if you start getting withdrawal symptoms.

It doesn't cost anything!

Happy modelling
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A news update from On Tracks today suggests that the three locos are now available at the prices given.

Following through, their site let me put one of each in my shopping basket, but I ran off without actually buying - it was just a test!

On Tracks Rivarossi
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