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QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 9 Mar 2008, 08:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I wonder if the new Rivarossi BR58 is selling in large enough numbers to make the Roco version old hat ?

This occurred to me as I did my weekly Fleabay trawl last night - there are 3 Roco BR58's on UK Fleabay alone this week !

It may happen, once Hornby has improved on quality. Apart from these issues, the Hornby engine is very good.

I wasn´t the only disappointed modeller who got burned with the Hornby product, and quite a few wrote about their experience in the forums. I fear that many modellers are hesitant to buy the Hornby, especially since Hornby Germany´s CEO, Mr Heilmann, has announced a model where these issues will be taken care of. This statement has been published in several German magazines, which makes offline modellers aware of it as well, not only forum dwellers.

In my book, this is an open admittance that the current offering is sub-average, and that Hornby is aware of that fact. Not a good entrée to the German market imho, and even less a good way to sell off the current, quality-challenged stock. Meaning many modellers will hang on to their tried and tested Roco engines at least until the improved Hornby class 58 engines will appear in the shops.

Just my two Eurocent.

P.S. I´d have wished for a better German entrée, both for Hornby and the model railroaders interested in an exceptionally detailled class 58.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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