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Hornby have introduced a new version of their rolling road test bed. This item is not in the 2005 Hornby catalogue and so is something of a surprise release for modellers. The new R8211 Rolling Road now has rollers that are powered making it suitable for testing a much wider range of OO/HO gauge locomotives. Its predecessor was designed with Live Steam in mind with power being delivered to the track section only. Hornby say that this item is suitable for use with the majority of 12V DC Hornby electric and all Hornby Live Steam locomotives. Additional rollers are available as R8212.

With a track section at one end it could be an issue to test modern outline locomotives with all axle drive but never the less this is a welcome move by Hornby. The RRP is £35 and the rolling road is available in shops now.

Happy modelling

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Its still a shame that they have haven't put all rollers on it so you can run all axle drive loco's on it. Nowadays most of Hornby's modern image releases have this so its instantly limiting its appeal.

I'd certainly get one ... but all my loco's here are all axle drive (Except a few, but they work on my other rolling road anyway).

Ah, except my Hornby 09 ...
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