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The Hornby Rolling road is useful. You just need to take a pair of extra wires from your controller and plug them into the terminals provided for you on the rolling road. There are two different versions of the rolling road. On the early one, the rollers did not carry power and it was only usable by locos that had non powered wheels on both sides that picked up current from the short track section that is part of it.

The later current ones, catalogue No R8211, have powered rollers as well as the short track section to pick up current and are useable by a greater variety of locomotives. The later one is much more useful. You can buy additional rollers for it catalogue number R8212 for larger locomotives. The older version and the older extra rollers had different catalogue numbers. Be careful you get the latest version. Neither version is suitable for long diesel locomotives with both bogies powered although it could be modified to suit.

Damian M.

QUOTE (smiley @ 13 May 2007, 12:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I am quiet intrested in purchesing a hornby rolling road to run my locamotive in propley, instead of tail chasing on my layout.

First question, are they any good?

second question how does the rolling road get it power, do you plug in a standard hornby power clip, or do you have to buy some special after market power clip to make it work.

Your replies would be most helpful (because i have no idea)

many thx

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