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EWS Bo-Bo Diesel Electric Class 67 'Queen's Messenger'

Length: 235mm; Running No. 67005 'Queen's Messenger'; Livery: Royal Train Claret; Period Current; Finish: Pristine; Built: Alstom, Spain; Class Introduced: 1999; Number Built: 30; Suitable Rolling Stock: Current passenger and freight stock plus Royal Train coaches.

A recent release the Hornby R2523 Class 67 Royal Train in deep claret appeared on the operational layout at Warley MRC last night. This former Lima model looked superb in its new livery with its very crisp printwork readable through a magnifying glass. The loco had bright directional lighting at both ends, was a very smooth performer and is DCC ready, and hauled a rake of 7 royal coaches around the layout with ease. Traction tyres were fitted on two wheels, one in each opposite corner of the loco. The old style large Hornby/Lima couplings are prominent but this is a minor niggle for any new owner who will be very satisfied with this loco.

Happy modelling

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Looks very nice, thanks for the heads up.

Just placed an order for one at almost £20 under RRP which I thought quite reasonable.

Would anyone be able to recommended some coaches to go with this, I asked the shop I ordered it from and they didn't have anything. Had a look about online to no avail also.

Any help is very much appreciated.


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I have this one and am very pleased with it. Mechanically at least it is the best of the Lima range and Hornby have improved it.
As for coaches the sleeper is still a current item.

My original three came from the R2370 pack with Duchess of Sutherland. It's out of stock now but R1057 set with a Princess is still available. I'd use the steamer for something else or back-up.

My second three came from R4197 extra coach pack - this may be harder with second hand your option.
I have found this site that seems to have them; give them a call pronto:
And about halfway down the page.

So I run with seven coaches which it pulls with ease.
The real advantage is at club running nights I get right of way! Hehehe.
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