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QUOTE (Gary @ 28 Apr 2006, 05:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Now we can have a proper discussion.

Have Hornby and Bachmann got it as right as their corporate success would suggest?

Is Dennis right about the narrow focus of the UK modeller?

Are we only interested in those subjects that are brought to us by Hornby and Bachmann?

Dennis seems to be saying that the American modeller has a global interest and will buy up everything and anything from everybody.

And that the UK modeller will only buy UK outline from Hornby and Bachmann (and Dapol and Peco).

Doug has suggested elsewhere that the French will only buy Jouef.

I remember buying Playcraft by Jouef from Woolies whan I was a youngster in the 1960's because it was cheap so Jouef has a few memories for me and they did do the odd British outline subject.

So is this a European thing?

Happy modelling

Your probably right on the American modeller focus. when I was modelling american I bought Athearn made in USA, China and Korea, Atlas made by kato for N, Roco for HO and china for HO, Walthers everywhere but the US, MDC USA, P2K China and Roco, IHC Mehano Tecnika, Bachamnn China, BLI Korea and China and then there are brass models made in Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Taiwan,India to name a few places. American modellers don't really care where it's made just so long as the quality is good and the price is low. The volume of models made for the American market far outstrips anything made for the rest of the world and volume is the word. Most of the chinese factories wont look at anything less than 5,000 units but more likely to be 50,000 units. Luckily there are one or two factories in china that cater for small production runs, 500 units, or we OZ New South Wales modellers wouldn't have anything RTR Look for Trainorama, Eureka Models, Austrains, Auscision Models in your local hobby shop. Never heard of them you say. No Wonder as these are single point of sales models that have to be preordered or you'll never get one. Think yourselves lucky that you can walk in and buy a Britannia off the shelf at any time. If I want a NSWGR C38 I have to build one.

1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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