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These are the best images (see below) yet released of the brand new Hornby Seacow wagons. The detail is absolutely stunning and is on a par with continental rolling stock. The low friction metal wheels and bearings ensure that long rakes of these wagons may be hauled. Please note, the images below show pre-production models, and small changes may be made to these models prior to production. At Model Rail Forum we prefer to show images full size where possible and we trust that you support this policy!

Hornby have revealed that they are now going to produce all liveries of this new wagon in both weathered and pristine condition. Following customer comment Hornby's marketing manager Simon Kohler contacted Pat Hammond's Model Rail Express magazine recently and passed on the following information:-

QUOTE "I have been reading your pages quite keenly recently, especially since making the decision to weather two of the Seacow models. I have done this because I was slightly concerned that there maybe those modellers who would prefer the chosen weathered models in a clean state.

"I did not have to wait long for a response especially after not only receiving a note from Richard Pedder but also reading his comment on MRE this morning. Taking all into account, what we shall now produce is the following.

"The three 'A' versions of the Seacows (Mainline, Departmental (Dutch) and EWS) will be available only in a pristine state. The 'B' and 'C' versions will be available with a weathered effect only. Hopefully, with this combination, we should be able to please the majority of modellers. However, I shall be watching the situation with great interest!

"The models are stunning and the weathered effect really does show off the detail to great effect but I do appreciate that a dirty finish does not suit all. Hopefully, what we are intending to do will be a suitable compromise."

Evidence that Hornby do read your messages and listen to customers so please keep your comments coming.

Visit the Seacow section of the Hornby website by clicking the link below and view the range of Seacow wagons available. They should be available at all Hornby stockists very shortly:-

Hornby Website Seacow Wagon Listings

Happy modelling
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