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QUOTE (Makemineadouble @ 18 Jan 2007, 17:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>While I respect your views on the above, I totally disagree. When I buy a loco to run I want the best performance I can achieve, this normally means fitting a decoder of my choice, by which every method is appropriate. If it's for running on my layout it will definitely get a loco crew, probably get lights and real coal, as we don't do D&E in our house. The value is in it's use, and the enjoyment that that brings. I've been through this syndrome of collecting for the display cabinets. It's not really part of our hobby, although I accept it's part of Hornby's and Bachmanns market.

I'm inclined to agree - in any case the real collector (as seen recently in a programe called "James' Mays' Toys or something) only buys if he can assertain that it's never even been out of the box from the factory. It takes all sorts but I don't honestly think there are many, if any on this forum.

I used to have some "showcase specials" but now all gone - every one in the showcase is a good runner & they are rotated with the layout and storage.

I run my models a lot & yes - I do "play" ! - that's where the value is to me.
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