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Does using the Hornby Select as a Walkabout (or Hornby Select Walkabout) with the Elite cause any problems as the Select is not NMRA compliant. How does it affect any locos it controls in conjunction with an Elite which is compliant

What about the Hornby Access One Infrared Handheld Controller -- is that NMRA Compliant or is it like the Select and does not conform to that standard
and again are there problems when used in conjuntion with an Elite

I am asking as wondering what the best option would be if I wanted to add further controllers to my Elite

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The NMRA standards apply to the "booster" which puts the power and signals on the track. Since the Elite is the part that does this and the Select and remote talk through the Elite, there is no need to be concerned about whether they are compliant or otherwise.


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Hi Phil,

David is correct. When the Select is connected to the Elite, it acts purely as a controller via the ELite. I have 3 Selects connected to my Elite, and it works a treat. All CV activity is of course thru the Elite. I am happily switching coloured lights and points via the Select units. There is only only one real limitation, and that is that despite effectively being a slave, the Select can only control 60 locos number up to 59, and then 40 acceesories, from 60 to 99 number.
The forthcoming Access One or Elite Plus as it has been referred to will be able to do the same functions as the Elite when connected to an Elite. I will be getting one of these next year, but I will say what I love about the Select is the smooth speed dial versus the Elite 'clicky' knob. I find that I use my Selects to drive my locos and the Elite for setting other trans going which I am not actually 'running' if you get my meaning, as I have 6 individual circuits.
Hope this helps; please let me know if you have any other questions. regards Nick
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