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Your probably right in your assumption that it's only suitable for Hornby decoders, which are more than likely Lenz based as are Bachmann decoders, and will most likely only work well with their decoders. This goes against the basic concept of DCC in the NMRA code of RP's in that any decoder from any manufacturer should work on any system. The code governs how the information is sent through the rails to be recieved by the loco decoder. Because the information is sent in a specific format any manufacturers decoder knows what to do with it. There are 70 listed manufacturers of DCC products and most of them have an NMRA conformance warrant which basically says that this product conforms to the NMRA DCC protocols S9.1 through to RP9.3.2 and technicall information TI9.2.1, SUSI 1.3 and TN-2004-1. Now wether Hornby have applied for a Conformance warrant, they'd have to send units and decoders for testing, I wouldn't know.
As for your NCE decoder N14SR you should after installation test the decoder on the programming track to see if you can read back the basic CV's 1,2,7,8 and 29 which should read back as 03 or 3, 0, 35,11, and 6. If you can't read back these basic CV's then I'd check my wiring again. If it doesn't work in analogue mode, CV29 bit 2=1, try resetting the decoder to factory settings, set CV30 =2 note this will only work on the programming track. I don't know if Hornby recommend a programming track in their literature but it is vital that you have one. This can either be on the test bench or on your layout but it must be isolated from the rest of the track work or when in programming mode you'll program all locos on the track at the same time. I have mine wired through a dp/dt switch with center off so I can still use track as a siding.
I hope this doesn't appear to much of a soapbox rant and you can glean somrthing useful out of it.


QUOTE (dualfuel @ 17 Dec 2006, 07:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi all - I am new to this forum and new to modern DCC, having been an old Zero-1 user years ago.

I have a Hornby select unit and have been experimenting with it. To be fair for what it is its good value, but after reading a few entries here I have doubts that it is suitable for anything more than a standalone Hornby system.

So far it has worked well with the hornby decoders, but I acquired some NCE N14SR recently and I can't get these working at all. More of a worry is the fact they make a nasty noise when placed on the track with the Select unit connected.

I have tried two of these decoders now in different locos (N gauge grafar models, some DCC ready others modified!) and get the same results. Yes, before you ask they are definitely wired correctly.

Can anyone else confirm these findings?

Interestingly I also can't get these NCE decoders working on standard DC, even though they should according to the decoder instructions. It could be a faulty batch of decoders, but I suspect otherwise.
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