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It appears he's selling the sets from the great universal catalogue hence the not available from the dealers claim which isn't strictly true either as a collectors centre is allowed a limited number of a limited edition run. It probably means he's also swopping the new loco for the 2002 one and selling it as a new set.
Saying that the loco in the set looks like the old one and the one on its own looks like the newer one with the pipe under the handrail moulded seperate to the boiler casing (it could just be the photo though).

the one he's trying to sell as new also has the loco number 2510 silver link, the new set has 2512 silver fox so you might not even be getting a complete new loco merely a new chassis with the old body thrown on.
Perhaps i'll get one of my ebay alter ego's to ask him a few probing questions about it. Local to me too by the looks tsk tsk.
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