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Hornby Southern Belle Boxed Set in Newspapers

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Several Newspapers and Junk Mail shots are advertising a "Hornby Southern Belle" train set for £139 stating it is not available in any shops and is a limited edition of 2000 from Hornby.
The picture in the ad` shows the latest King Arthur class loco with 3 wheel tender in Maunsell Green Livery with 3 Pullmans with the Umber livery going up to the rooft without the usual brown band at this point.
I am interested to find out if these Pullmans are the latest type with lights or are the early type which are now sold under the Railroad Label? This item is not shown in the latest or previous Hornby catalogue.
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Can you see enough detail on the Pullmans to spot either: no underframe trusses, and/or panel joins running across the roofs, these are characteristics of the old unlit Pullmans which are models of the Queen of Scots cars; or alternatively underframe trusses, and/or smooth roofs with a long single rainstrip, and/or matchboarding below the windows, or any kitchen cars, these are only found with the Southern allocated K cars, which are the more recent models which have lighting.
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