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QUOTE (birkettm @ 4 Nov 2008, 19:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hello.

Recently on impulse i bought one of these:

Hornby Class 8F (Hornby Website)

When i run it on my layout it seems to go very very slowly compared to my other "modern" train (the rest of my set is my old one from the 80's plus various voluntary contributions, hoping to rectify that at christmas....)

Is that intentional with this model? Has anyone else found this? Owt i can do about it?



*** Earlier Hornby loco's were all able to overtake a TGV in scale speed - most unrealistic. Most newer models are astill over-fast but at least run better at slow speeds because of the better gearing/motor combinaton.

The Hornby 8F as is is capable of more than exceeding the prototypes top speed - it was a freight locomotive although also used on passenger trains when required... Only the LMS built 8F's had balanced wheels to allow faster than freight speeds - those which were LNER built were restricted in top speed because they were not balanced.

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