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I have fitted six of these motors.

Once fitted down, they are excellent workers, very positive in their action. They also look good on the layout with their low profile.

Word of warning though, they are very selective to positioning, and if screwed down immediately, you will find that it has the inclination to operate in one direction only.
This has been noted on other forums. I also found the problem. It is always the 'pulling in' mode that fails. 'Pushes out' every time.

As the supplied screws would not go into my baseboard (no 'point' to them), I decided to use sellotape thin double sided sticky tape to stick them down. By doing this, I was able to adjust them when I came across the above problem. I found that just slightly adjusting them gave me operational motors. (a bit of luck!!!) Mind you, it was not that easy. I was replacing a larger motor, so I thought it was me. I spent a considerable time checking all the wiring, switches etc. I even replaced the old motor to see if the circuits worked. So I had a lot of 'sweat and tears' before I found the answer.


Put some tape on the underside of the motor. Place the motor against the point with the lugs centrallised. Mark the hole for the wires and drill. Place wires down hole, and remove sticky tape cover.

Lightly press down the motor in place, and test. If the motor fails to 'pull in', move the motor slightly to the left and try again. (the 'stickyness' allows you to do this).
Try the left/right movement until the motor operates correctly. Push down hard on the motor, and recheck. If all is well. screw down.

They are so light, that they can actually operate on the sticky tape alone.

Another thing I found is that if you are replacing the surface motors with the hut, with the new motors, you will be back under the baseboard to reverse the wiring. They are wired up oppositely. Not a problem if you have a new layout, or new position. I found that out when my trains started going in the wrong direction.

Hope this helps,

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