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Hornby T9 and Schools Class

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A few weeks ago I e-mailed Hornby asking for the release dates of these two locos, I got no answer; so at Warley I asked the Hornby rep and he said early December. Today I received an e-mail from Hornby apologising for their delay in reply and informing me that both models would be available towards the end of December and they could not guarantee before Christmas.

Anyone else have any info on this?
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Latest update quoted 23rd Dec for release for the T9. Does this mean the date that they depart Margate or when the dealers will have them? Either way, no chance for Christmas
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QUOTE I have no idea what the Schools Class V will be fitted with. Err, traction tyres?

What is wrong with everyone? It seems that every person seems to have an opinion about the T9/Castle/Schools before even trying or testing it but oh no, let's jump on the bandwagon and start whinging.

I am going to wait and see, only then decide once I have tried and tested it for myself, I suggest that you do the same because no matter how good/bad it is, I sincerely doubt whether many who have started gobbing off have the ability to do any better.
QUOTE Hornby have let them self down big time on this loco

Have you actually tested or even seen this model? I have because it is currently circumnavigating my layout without any problems. It runs sweetly through reverse curves, never stalls on frogs and looks better than my Wills widecab T9.

Possibly, we need a little patience is needed before making comments about that which we know very little?

Anyway, the T9 is certainly worth the wait and I hope that you enjoy your models as much as I am watching it running on Cranborne.

Happy as a dog with two tails
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QUOTE Tim, why should we need to see it - looking at it will not vapourise the traction tyres! I simply do not comprehend your post...

Did I mention traction tyres? I merely cannot understand how anyone can dismiss anything based on prejudice rather than actual examination and testing.

It seems strange that you accuse me of focussing on the issue of traction tyres whilst my last post did not even refer to the issue. You inability to comprehend my post is only matched by your ability to insert text where none exists.

An apology is expected.
Richard Johnston wrote

QUOTE there is absolutely no need for apologies from anyone. If you regard adding words to my posting as being acceptable behaviour, then no apologies are necessary.

I have nothing more to add.
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