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Hornby T9 and Schools Class

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A few weeks ago I e-mailed Hornby asking for the release dates of these two locos, I got no answer; so at Warley I asked the Hornby rep and he said early December. Today I received an e-mail from Hornby apologising for their delay in reply and informing me that both models would be available towards the end of December and they could not guarantee before Christmas.

Anyone else have any info on this?
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Just received the December Issue of Model Rail. Rave review of T9. Performance wise it managed a 25 coach train with its combination of Metal boiler and traction tyres.

When I talked to Simon Kohler at York at the end of May he explained that part of the delay on the T9 was lack of pulling power and that traction tyres were going to be fitted on the leading pair of drivers. Hornby certainly seemed to have sorted the problem!

The detail is stunning. Probably the best RTR loco yet. Given an overal score of 94% (The Bachmann Patriot, also reviewed, only just behind on 92%!)

As far as delivery is concerned we might get it for Christmas but don't hold your breath was the message at Warley.
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QUOTE (Fireline @ 19 Dec 2008, 15:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Does anyone know whether the T9's survived into BR service with the original 6 wheel tender? I want one in BR Black, but I don't like the water carrier tender, and I am hoping that they do a release with the 6 wheeler. Any ideas?

I have two photos of 30726 (narrow cab), one from 1949 in lined black, no crest and 1957 late crest and a photo of 30301 (wide cab) lined black with early crest all with 6 wheel tenders, so there are two to start with!
QUOTE (60134 @ 21 Dec 2008, 22:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Like so many classes the T9s had a huge number of variants - even a standardised class such as the Jubilees threw up a bewildering number of different types. The only safe route is to find a photo taken in the era you model and follow that prototype.


Totally agree 60134. Always try to get several photos (preferably dated) of the loco you want to represent, especially if you are renumbering.
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QUOTE (Fireline @ 22 Dec 2008, 16:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Does anyone know whether Hornby are going to be putting the errors in the tender frames right before the release of the next 6 wheel variant?

Do Hornby make mistakes? I thought they could do no wrong!
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OK 6991 Hold on tight to your Anorak.

Here is a bench mark to start from, according to Hugh Longworth in "British Railway Steam Locomotives 1948-1968, here is his list of T9s with six wheel tenders on the 1st January 1948. Tenders can of course be swapped and not all of them may have recieved BR liveries. All the locos listed were apparently renumbered. I also don't know which 6 wheel tender was fitted so after this you need photos.

So here goes:

Narrow Cab: 30281-2; 30704 / 30726 / 30729.

Wide Cab: 30300-01 / 30304 / 30307 / 30310-13 / 30336.

Therefore 30310 must have gained an 8 wheel tender in BR days or Hugh Longworth is wrong! This all goes to show how difficult all this is and that your best guide is to try and find a photo.

There is a photo of 30300 with 6 wheel tender and early crest in 1955 in Hornby Magazine for December in the T9 Feature.

Incidentally all 66 T9s were taken into BR stock in 1948 but the locos converted to oil burning (13) were scrapped soon afterwards, they all had 8 wheel tenders.

Best wishes,

John H-T.
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